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    Pink Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike

    Pink Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Trike

    This is a nice multi mode tricycle for your little girl.  It will grow with her as she does.First it is a stroller, then, she can ride on it while you push and steer. After she is big enough, it becomes her first tricycl...

  • only $59.99
    Radio Flyer Child Tricycle Radio Flyer Grow 'N Go Flyer
    Radio Flyer Child Tricycle Radio Flyer Grow 'N Go Flyer

    The Radio Flyer Child Tricycle Radio Flyer Grow 'N Go Flyer is the perfect big wheel type tricycle for your toddler. Build low the ground, it won't tip over and little ones will have no problem climbing on or off it. The...
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    Radio Flyer Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike
    Radio Flyer Child Tricycle Radio Flyer Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike
  • only $29.99
    Little Tikes Tricycle for Kids Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil' Rollin' G...
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    Joovy Kids Trike Joovy Dry and Snug Rain/Wind Shield Cover
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    Ertl Collectibles Kids Tricycle Ertl John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Tractor

The Child Tricycle for Kids

A kids tricycle is fun! A child riding a tricycle develops coordination and balance and the child tricycle is the safest riding toy available. You need to consider the age of the child when purchasing a tricycle. Most kids aren't ready to pedal or balance safely when younger than two years of age. Kids younger than two need tricycles with special options and these are available in abundance.

Child safety is always an primary concern, children should always be supervised. More than that, a helmet should always be worn whenever the child is riding a tricycle even indoors.  You could also consider knee and elbow pads along with the helmet to provide the best protection for your child. And if your childs tricycle has spokes, never let your child ride wearing shoes with laces, the laces can get caught in the spokes and really hurt your childs foot. Again, at no time should a young child be left unattended when using any riding toy.  

The age of your child is an important factor in purchasing a tricycle.  Children younger than two may have difficulty balancing a tricyle and pedaling and you don't want your child to fall over. For kids in this age group get a tricycle that has a narrow frame that they can climb on easily and make sure the tricycle has a very wide wheel base increases the trikes stability. The three in one tricycles are great for really young children. They have removable pedals and a push handle and essentially perform as a stroller.  As the child grows the pedals are added and the handle is removed turning the toy into a normal tricycle. Tricycles for toddlers should be foot driven or pushed by the parent.  After three, an upright tricycle is fine and for the older child the sports models really are fun permitting spinouts and other maneuveurs.  

Tricycles were originally made of metal, now plastic has become common. Plastic frames are fine material for tricycles for the young kid and you might transition to metal models as they get older. Metal tricycles generally have sleek designs which will appeal to the older child.

The primary designs available for a kids tricycle for toddlers are the foot driven model and the the three in one. The low profile big wheel types for young kids are very low to the ground so they won't tip over and are really safe.  The classic upright trike is better for children over three as these have a high profile and can tip over. The retro trikes are usually of the classic upright design but mimic the tricycles of 1950's and 60.

The high end manufacturers include Razor and Kettler and Radio Flyer. The Fisher Price tricycle is a great learning trike which is typically intended for the younger child, Radio Flyer is a top shelf supplier which covers most designs and are noted for their classic design. Morgan makes fantastic retro trikes which are built well and really capture the imagination. Little Tikes trikes are durable and other great brands are the Original Big Wheel Tricycle and John Deere makes a few with really unique styling.

Brands of tricycles abound and each provides a multitude of models. Take a look around my site I review most brands and models and I am certain that you will find one that is perfect for your child.


Featured Tricycle for Kids Reviews

Red Radio Flyer Tailspin Trike



This tricycle is Radio Flyers Big Wheel design for the older child. It is for ages 5 to 8 years and will supply years of impressive playtime for your kid. The design is outstanding. It has a bright red steel frame for sturdiness and it will be used over and over. The tricycle has a big front wheel which has a nice tread to avoid slipping and the trike also has a shifting lever which helps with acrobatics and spinouts. These big wheel designs are truly a great deal of fun for your older one. The trike adjusts so it will fit your kid as he grows. This trike is everything about having a lot of fun!

A strong steel frame painted in traditional Radio Flyer red makes the Tailspin as long lasting as it is handsome. The broad red pedals allow little feet to rest safely, while the scooped black seat and huge white front tire produce a comfortable and safe ride.

This trike comes with a Frustration-Free Package that is easy-to-open it is streamlined allowing the packaging to be opened without the use of a box cutter or knife and will protect your item just as well as standard product packaging throughout shipping.

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Little Tikes Push And Ride Racer


This push along 4 wheel tricycle is for kids in the 9 months to three years of age range. It is a really popular toy for young kids. It is made from durable plastic and is a terrific starter ride on toy. It has a push handle so that you or your kid can push it. The seat has a back and is contoured. This trike is extremely close to the ground and has 4 wheels so it is extremely stable. It is made of long lasting plastic so it will last. This is a terrific first ride on toy and your youngster will like it! It is extremely affordable.

Your kid will have a blast scooting around on this enjoyable Little Tikes racer. The high-back seat and easy-grip handlebars help keep little riders steady, while the low seat makes it easy to get on and off. A storage location at the base of the rear spoiler is a wonderful location to keep a preferred toy. Made in USA.

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Fisher-Price Rock Roll 'n Ride Trike


This offering from Fisher Price is a tough trike with three enjoyable ways to ride. Lock the base in place for ride-on, rocking fun, and you have a functional rocking toy. The base attaches to an extra long push handle so you the parent can easily push your child as he is learning to ride.  Stationary Foot pegs fold up for simple independent pedaling as your child gets older. This is for little children from 18 months to  5 years of age.

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John Deere Heavy Duty Mighty Trike with Air Tires

For ages 3 and up the John Deere Heavy Duty Mighty Trike with Air Tires is less costly than the Mighty Trike and appears to offer even more value. Funny thing, this trike is called the heavy durty Mighty Trike and it is a lot less costly than the Mighty Trike. Kids enjoy the bright green and yellow colors which really makes their trike one-of-a-kind, it is truly an extremely fine tricycle! See the large air tires. They work fine on any terrain and the solid steel wheels keeps kids from getting their shoe laces caught in spokes.

Trike has a sturdy metal frame with metal seat that can be adjusted. Has rear trailer hitch and steerable front axle.

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Pedal Trailer John Deere with John Deere Graphics

This is not a John Deere Tricycle but I had to include it as it is a perfect addition to the John Deere Mighty Trike. ! Great looking wagon and a great accessory for your John Deere tricycle! For Age three and over it Double check that the trike that you buy has the hardware to pull it.

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Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Ready Steady Ride On Trike

This inexpensive Fisher Price Tricycle is a scoot about with 4 wheels. The front wheel base is truly wide for safety and the back is narrow to reduce the effort required to climb on or off. Blue wheels, red frame and yellow seat  are all bright colors which little kids love.

The tricycle has a comfy, easy straddle seat, easy-grip steering bars and nice steering for better maneuvering. It features a roller drum attached to the handlebar with gleaming mettalicsand vibrant rattling beads as additional playtoys. It strengthens leg muscles and improves the child's motor skills which  grows the child's brand-new abilities and helps establish selfconfidence. This is really inexpenisve and makes a great present!

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